Merlearn: Kid-Friendly Theme for SLS

Merlearn: Kid-Friendly Theme for SLS

How it started: My daughter, who started primary school this year, was asked to learn at home via SLS due to COVID-19. While assisting her in completing assignments, I figured out a few ways to make the website easier for her. I created Merlearn and wish it could help her as well as other kids become more independent.

Install Merlearn for Chrome


  • See more content on the screen
  • Play video in full screen mode with a single click
  • Scroll even if the mouse pointer is on right panel
  • Print content only without side panels to save paper
  • Know the question state clearly – colour-coded

How to Use: Install Merlearn into your Chrome browser and you can then visit SLS.

You have installed Merlearn!

Your Merlearn is updated.

👉 Next, visit to enjoy the enhanced experience!

Pause Merlearn: If Merlearn doesn’t work for a page, you may disable it temporarily: Click on the extension icon beside the address bar » Click the toggle button to disable it » Reload the tab.


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Other Steps to Consider For Improving Readability

  1. Increase font size: [Win] Start > Settings  > Ease of Access  > Display > Make text bigger 
  2. Enlarge mouse pointer: [Win] Start  > Settings  > Ease of Access  > Cursor & pointer