About Jack 李

About me

Hi, I am Jack. Based in Singapore, I am a hands-on artificial intelligence (AI) practitioner. After leaving my job at J. P. Morgan, I help implement solutions for government and finance organizations around the world. I am a book author and father of two.

编程既是我的兴趣也是我的工作:15+年基于机器学习的人工智能AI编程 · 著有 Pro JNI 一书 (Wiley 2005) · 亚洲移动编程大赛个人冠军 · ACM ICPC 亚洲第五

求知欲随着年龄的增长愈发强烈:清华97级 · 南洋理工大学 · 坚持以评判的眼光站着读书



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