Tao Nan School Song Lyrics 道南校歌歌词

Tao Nan School Song English & 华语 lyrics in kids-friendly large printable format. Preview:

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Lyrics are copied from https://taonan.moe.edu.sg/about-us/school-song. All rights belong to their respective owners.

We belong to Tao Nan School and we always obey the school rules. The task of nation building we shoulder, wisdom of sages past we deliver in harmony, we work and play, for Tao Nan will show us the way. 我们是道南的成员,遵守我校的规章,肩负起建设国家的重任,继承那先贤创业精神。相亲相爱,和睦共处,齐心奔向光明前途。

Acronyms Used in Primary Schools 缩略词释义

Acronyms are invented and used intensively in almost all organizations. Singapore primary schools are no exception. Below are search results of acronyms on my son’s P1 time-table. 新加坡小学使用的缩略词释义。

CCA Co-Curricular Activities 课外活动
CCE Character & Citizenship Education
CL Chinese Language
EL English Language
FTGP Form Teacher Guidance Period
🎦 → SEL
HCL Higher Chinese Language
HTM Higher Mother Tongue
HE Health Education
MA Mathematics
MU Music
PAL Programme for Active Learning
sports & outdoor
PE Physical Education
SC ScienceScience as an inquiry
SEL Social and Emotional Learning
SS Social Studies
self, env., history & world